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Cooling device having an air channel and a baffle
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1. A cooling device or domestic refrigerator, comprising:
a body having an outer wall;
a door;
said body and said door defining a storage space therebetween having an inner wall;
said inner wall of said storage space and said outer wall of said body defining an insulating space therebetween being at least partially filled with insulating material;
an air channel formed within said insulating space, said air channel having a longitudinal extent;
said inner wall of said storage space having a plurality of openings formed therein being open to said air channel;
a bar separating two neighboring openings from each other and
a baffle disposed completely within said air channel, said baffle including a connector fixing said baffle to said air channel, said baffle having a length being transverse to said longitudinal extent of said air channel, and said baffle having a flap guiding an air flow, said flap being transverse to said longitudinal extent;
said air channel having a wall segment being a rear wall lying opposite the openings of the inner wall, and said baffle including a support element contacting said rear wall.