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Knob assembly with display device and cooking apparatus having knob assembly
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1. A knob assembly, comprising:
a front panel forming a front surface of a cooking appliance;
a knob provided in front of the front panel and coupled to an adjustment shaft configured to adjust a power level of a power source; and
a knob ring provided between the front panel and the knob and configured to surround a periphery of the knob, the knob ring configured to be rotatable independent of the knob;
a knob ring encoder disposed behind the front panel configured to sense a rotation angle of the knob ring; and
a display assembly provided at an outer circumferential surface of the knob ring to rotate with the knob ring and configured to display a timer time set through rotation of the knob ring,
wherein the display assembly includes
a display housing provided in the knob ring,
a display provided in the display housing, and
a finishing cap coupled with a front surface of the display housing to cover the display.