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Car lamp using semiconductor light emitting device
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1. A car lamp, comprising:
a half mirror having an upper surface and a lower surface, the half mirror being configured to reflect a part of light incident on the lower surface and discharge another part to an outside;
a reflector that is located below the half mirror and that faces the lower surface of the half mirror;
a transparent substrate that is located between the half mirror and the reflector and that is spaced apart from the half mirror by a predetermined distance;
a plurality of light sources that are located on the transparent substrate, that are located between the half mirror and the reflector, and that are configured to emit light toward the half mirror; and
metal electrodes located on the transparent substrate and configured to reflect light emitted from the light sources toward the half mirror, each of the metal electrodes covering at least a portion of one of the light sources and being configured to apply a voltage to the one of the light sources,
wherein the half mirror and the reflector are spaced apart from each other by a predetermined distance such that the light emitted from each of the light sources is repeatedly reflected by the half mirror and the reflector,
wherein each of the light sources is located on the reflector,
wherein the lamp further comprises an electrode located on the reflector and electrically connected to the light sources, and
wherein the light sources include a reflective film located between two of the light sources.