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Shift drum drive unit and straddle type vehicle
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1. A shift drum drive unit for rotatably driving a shift drum in a straddle type vehicle, the vehicle including
an engine configured to generate drive force by fuel combustion,
a transmission configured to change, for the drive force of the engine, a rotation speed by a plurality of gear trains forming a plurality of gear stages with different transmission gear ratios from one another, and
a shift shaft formed in a shaft shape, protruding from an inside of a crank case forming a portion of the engine, and configured to rotatably drive the shift drum for changing the gear trains of the transmission in the crank case,
the shift drum drive unit comprising:
a shift actuator configured to rotatably drive the shift drum;
a rotary drive body into which the shift shaft is inserted and which is rotatably driven together with the shift shaft by the shift actuator; and
a unit case configured to support the shift actuator and to house an entirety of the rotary drive body in a state in which the rotary drive body is rotatable, wherein
the unit case includes
an inner case facing the crank case and an outer case facing an opposite side of the crank case,
an insertion port for inserting the shift shaft into the rotary drive body, and
an attachment section consisting of one or more bolts for attachment of the unit case to the crank case, and
the attachment section penetrates the unit case and is attached to the crank case, thereby integrating the inner case and the outer case together.