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Vehicle brake actuator
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1. A vehicle brake actuator, comprising:
a screw having first outer threads on an outer surface thereof,
a tapped inner casing encircling the screw such that the tapped inner casing is in mesh at least indirectly with the first outer threads of the screw by an irreversible connection,
a tapped outer casing having a braking element rigidly attached thereto,
an electric motor rigidly attached to the inner casing and configured to control movement of the screw in relation to the inner casing or of the inner casing in relation to the screw so that the inner casing forms a piston where said movement of the inner casing actuates the braking element rigidly attached to the outer casing,
a plurality of threaded inner rollers, the inner rollers each being in mesh with the screw and with the inner casing by at least one first inner thread, and
threaded outer rollers each in mesh with the inner casing and with the outer casing, the outer rollers having at least one second inner thread oriented in an opposite direction to a second outer thread of the inner casing and in same direction as a third inner thread of the outer casing.