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Rig management system for analyzing a pump valve of a hydraulic fracturing system
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1. A method, comprising:
gathering, by a device and from a set of sensors, data that includes:
vibration data related to vibration of a valve associated with a pump of a hydraulic fracturing rig during operation of the pump, and
pump speed data related to a speed of the pump during operation of the pump;
processing, by the device, the data to identify a trend related to the vibration data,
wherein the vibration data has been normalized based on the pump speed data;
determining, by the device, a remaining useful life of the valve based on the trend and threshold data that identifies a set of thresholds related to the vibration of the valve;
determining, by the device, that the remaining useful life satisfies a threshold after determining the remaining useful life; and
scheduling, by the device, an operation to be performed on the valve after determining that the remaining useful life of the valve satisfies the threshold.