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System for remote operation of downhole well equipment
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1. A system for remote operation of downhole well equipment through a marine riser extending between a surface vessel and a BOP attached to a wellhead, the system comprising:
a local control module located inside one of the marine riser or the BOP, said local control module including a local energy storage device for operation of the downhole well equipment;
a remote control unit external of the BOP, said remote control unit being in communication with the vessel;
said BOP comprising at least one passage extending generally laterally therethrough in a direction generally perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the BOP;
a communication device positioned within said passage, said communication device being in communication with said local control module;
wherein the local energy storage device comprises:
at least one hydraulic energy source;
at least one liquid divider for segregation of contaminated liquid from said downhole well equipment from clean liquid from the hydraulic energy source;
at least one control valve in fluid communication with said liquid divider and said hydraulic energy source to control the flow of clean liquid between said hydraulic energy source and said liquid divider;
at least one local electrical control module in communication with said control valve to operate said control valve; and
at least one electrical energy source which supplies said local electrical control module with electric power.