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Sink and faucet assembly
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1. A sink comprising
a tub;
a splash board connected to and extending upwardly from a rear of said tub, said splash board having a pair of openings therein;
a faucet assembly mounted on said splash board for delivering water into said tub, said faucet assembly including a body having a first inlet port for connection to a source of cold water, a second inlet port for connection to a source of hot water, a spigot in communication with said first inlet port and said second inlet port for delivering water therefrom, and a pair of connectors received in said openings of said splash board, each said connector having a nut threaded onto a respective inlet port for securing said respective inlet port to a respective source of hot water and cold water;
a housing removably mounted over said body to enclose said body therein with said spigot projecting therethrough; and
a gasket disposed in sealing relation between said housing and said splash board.