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Enhanced co-formed meltblown fibrous web
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1. A method for manufacturing a fibrous web structure, comprising the steps of:
melt spinning first polymer filaments and laying down the first polymer filaments on a moving belt without cellulose pulp fibers, thereby forming a first scrim layer of polymer filaments on the belt;
defibrating first cellulose pulp dry lap sheets in a first defibrating apparatus, to produce first cellulose pulp fibers;
incompletely defibrating second cellulose pulp dry lap sheets in the first defibrating apparatus or a second defibrating apparatus, to produce incompletely defibrated consolidated masses of second cellulose pulp fibers;
entraining the first cellulose pulp fibers and the consolidated masses in an air stream;
directing the first cellulose pulp fibers and the consolidated masses into a fiber spreader;
melt spinning second polymer filaments, blending the second polymer filaments with the first cellulose pulp fibers and the consolidated masses in co-forming equipment comprising a co-form box, and directing the blend of second polymer filaments, first cellulose pulp fibers and consolidated masses at the belt and the first scrim layer, to form a core layer overlying the first scrim layer, wherein the first scrim layer is disposed on a first side of the core layer;
downstream of the core layer forming step, melt spinning third polymer filaments and directing the third polymer filaments at the belt and the core layer, thereby forming a second scrim layer overlying the core layer, wherein the second scrim layer is disposed on a second side of the core layer, wherein one or both of the first melt spun polymer filaments and third melt spun polymer filaments are mist quenched following spinning and prior to formation of the respective scrim layer(s);
conveying the first scrim layer, overlying core layer, and overlying second scrim layer into the nip between a pair of calendar rollers, at least one of the rollers having thereon a pattern of bonding protrusions, the rollers having a source of heating energy supplied at the nip;
compressing the layers in the nip and beneath the bonding protrusions to form a pattern of thermal bonds bonding the scrim layers to and thereby complete the fibrous web structure; and
dividing the fibrous nonwoven structure into sheets, gathering the sheets into a supply of wipes, and wetting the wipes with a liquid composition to form a supply of wet wipes.