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Boron-containing low-carbon steel oxide film and preparation method thereof
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1. A method for preparing a boron-containing low-carbon steel oxide film, comprising:
performing micro-arc oxidation on boron-containing low-carbon steel in an electrolyte by using the boron-containing low-carbon steel as an anode, to obtain a boron-containing low-carbon steel oxide film,
wherein the electrolyte contains sodium meta aluminate of 5 g/L to 25 g/L, sodium dihydrogen phosphate of 2 g/L to 10 g/L, sodium carbonate of 2 g/L to 15 g/L, and glycerol of 2 g/L to 8 g/L,
wherein parameters of the micro-arc oxidation comprise: current density of 0.1 mA/cm2 to 300 mA/cm2, a positive voltage of 500V to 700V, a negative voltage of 20V to 80V, a current frequency of 200 Hz to 2000 Hz, a ratio of positive frequency to negative frequency of 1 to 2, a positive duty ratio of 15% to 40%, a negative duty ratio of 10% to 20%, reaction duration of 20 min to 60 min, and a reaction temperature of 20° C. to 60° C.