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Oligonucleotide therapy for Leber Congenital Amaurosis
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1. An oligonucleotide consisting of the nucleotide sequence of SEQ NO: 5, 6, or 7, wherein the oligonucleotide comprises a modified ribose that is substituted at the 2′ position with a substituent selected from the group consisting of:
(i) OH;
(ii) F;
(iii) substituted or unsubstituted, linear or branched lower (C1-C10) alkyl, alkenyl, alkynl, alkaryl, allyl, or aralkyl, that may be interrupted by one or more heteroatoms,
(iv) O-, S-, or N-alkyl,
(v) O-, S-, or N-alkenyl,
(vi) O-, S-, or N-alkynyl,
(vii) O-, S-, or N-allyl,
(viii) O-alkyl-O-alkyl, -methoxy, or aminopropoxy,
(ix) methoxyethoxy,
(x) dimethylaminooxyethoxy, and
(xi) dimethylaminoethoxyethoxy.