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Manufacturing a base stock from ethanol
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1. A method for manufacturing a base stock from an ethanol stream, comprising:
dehydrating an ethanol stream to form an impure ethylene mixture;
recovering an ethylene stream from the impure ethylene mixture;
oligomerizing the ethylene stream to form a raw oligomer stream;
distilling an intermediate olefinic stream and a heavy olefinic stream from the raw oligomer stream;
subjecting the heavy olefinic stream to hydrodemetallation to form a first hydro-processed stream;
alkylating the intermediate olefinic stream to form an alkylated stream;
distilling the alkylated stream to form a lights stream and a heavies stream;
recycling the lights stream to the intermediate olefinic stream;
subjecting the first hydro-processed stream and the heavies stream to hydrocracking and/or hydroisomerization to form a second hydro-processed stream; and
distilling the second hydro-processed stream to form the base stock.