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Process and apparatus for enhanced removal of contaminants in fluid catalytic cracking processes
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7. A method of regenerating and removing contaminants from a catalyst, comprising:
feeding a catalyst comprising contaminants to a contaminant removal vessel;
feeding a contaminant trapping additive to the contaminant removal vessel, wherein the contaminant trapping additive has an average particle size greater than the catalyst and/or a density greater than the catalyst;
fluidizing the catalyst and the contaminant trapping additive with a lifting gas, contacting the catalyst with the contaminant trapping additive, and transferring contaminants from the catalyst to the contaminant trapping additive;
withdrawing from the contaminant removal vessel a first stream comprising lifting gas, contaminant trapping additive, and catalyst having a reduced amount of contaminants;
separating the contaminant trapping additive from the first stream, producing a recycle stream comprising contaminant trapping additive and a catalyst product stream comprising the lifting gas and the catalyst having a reduced amount of contaminants;
returning the contaminant trapping additive in the recycle stream to the contaminant removal vessel;
withdrawing from the contaminant removal vessel a second stream comprising contaminant trapping additive;
feeding the catalyst product stream to a catalyst regenerator; and
separating the catalyst from the lifting gas and regenerating the catalyst in the catalyst regenerator.