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1. A silsesquioxane polymer comprising a three-dimensional network of Formula (I):

OG Complex Work Unit Drawing
each R1 and R2 is independently a (C1-C4)alkyl;
each L1 and L2 is independently a single bond, an alkylene, or an alkylene bonded to a group selected from oxy, thio, carbonyl, —NH—, and combinations thereof;
each R3 is independently a linear (C14-C100)alkyl;
each R4 is independently a (C1-C30)alkyl, a (C2-C30)heteroalkyl having at least one oxygen, sulfur, or —NH— group, or a (C1-C30)alkyl substituted with a fluoro, thiol, isocyanato, cyanato, hydroxyl, glycidoxy, or epoxy group;
with the proviso that L1, L2, and R4 are selected such that each Si atom is directly bonded to an alkylene or an alkyl;
m is an integer of at least 2;
n is an integer of 0 or above;
m+n is an integer of at least 3;
each oxygen atom at an asterisk (*) is bonded to another Si atom within the three-dimensional network; and
the silsesquioxane polymer is a solid at 25° C.