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Cyclopropyl fused thiazine derivatives as beta-secretase inhibitors and methods of use
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1. A compound of Formula I

OG Complex Work Unit Drawing
or a tautomer thereof, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of said compound or tautomer, wherein
A is N, CH, or CR4;
R1 is H, —CN, C1-6alkyl, C2-6alkenyl, —C1-4alkyl-C(O)NR1′R1′, —C1-4alkyl-C(O)-heterocycloalkyl, —(HC═CH)—C(O)NR1′R1′, —(HC═CH)—C(O)-heterocycloalkyl, —C(O)NR1′R1′, or —C(O)-heterocycloalkyl, wherein the C1-6alkyl and the C2-6alkenyl are (i) optionally substituted with one to three fluoro substituents or (ii) optionally substituted with CN, OH, methoxy, or a 5-membered nitrogen-containing heteroaryl, wherein the 5-membered nitrogen-containing heteroaryl is optionally substituted with C1-4 alkyl;
R1′ is, independently, H or C1-4alkyl;
R2 and R2′ are independently H or halogen;
R3 is C1-4alkyl, wherein the C1-4alkyl is optionally substituted with one to three fluoro substituents;
R4 is halogen;
R5 is H, C3-6cycloalkyl, phenyl, or 5- or 6-membered heteroaryl, wherein the phenyl or heteroaryl is optionally substituted with one to three substituents independently selected from halogen, —CN, C1-4alkyl, 2-propynyloxy, 2-butynyloxy, or oxazolylmethoxy.