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Sound absorption material preparation method, sound absorption material and filling method thereof
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1. A sound absorption material preparation method, comprising the following steps:
S1, preparing a non-foamed material slurry, and mixing the slurry uniformly;
S2, producing a combustible material framework and a cover-shaped container according to a set structure, and placing the combustible material framework in the cover-shaped container;
S3, forming the non-foamed material slurry in the cover-shaped container to form a wet formed body, and separating the wet formed body from the cover-shaped container;
S4, drying the wet formed body to form a dry formed body; and
S5, calcining the dried formed body, wherein the combustible material framework is burned off during the calcining step to form connected channels with a three-dimensional structure in the sound absorption material,
the connected channels with the three-dimensional structure corresponds to the combustible material framework,
the connected channels with the three-dimensional structure and the combustible material framework have the set structure, and
the connected channels with the three-dimensional structure is formed to propagate a sound air flow.