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Method and system for indoor wayfinding based on elevator information
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1. A method, comprising:
generating, by a processor, an elevator call to an elevator upon a detection by a proximity system of a user device within a predetermined distance to the elevator;
generating, by the processor, a map on the user device in response to detection of the user device, the map corresponding to a source floor;
receiving, by a processor, the elevator call that indicates a source floor and a destination;
processing, by the processor, the destination to derive a target floor;
causing, by the processor, an elevator to travel between the source floor and the target floor; and
performing, by the processor, at least one of a plurality of wayfinding operations upon arrival of the elevator at the target floor, wherein the at least one of the plurality of wayfinding operations upon arrival of the elevator at the target floor includes updating the map to correspond to the target floor.