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Cable reel for excavator
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1. A cable reel for an electric excavator, comprising:
an outer frame and a reel assembly installed on the outer frame;
wherein the reel assembly is connected with a wiring device assembly; the wiring device assembly comprises a speed reducer;
the reel assembly comprises a left reel and a right reel; an inner bracket is arranged in the outer frame; the inner bracket comprises a left bracket and a right bracket which are respectively connected with the left reel and the right reel; and a telescopic cylinder for controlling the left bracket and the right bracket to swing is arranged between the left bracket and the right bracket;
a cross section of the left reel is a semicircular cambered surface; a tripod is fixed to an inner wall of the left reel; the tripod comprises a supporting rack and a cross beam; a cross section of the right reel is provided with an open circular cambered surface; and the outer wall of the right reel is matched with the inner wall of the left reel; and
a motor is installed on the speed reducer; and the motor is linearly connected with the telescopic cylinder and controls an expansion and contraction of the telescopic cylinder.