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Method for manufacturing coreless paper roll
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1. A method for manufacturing a coreless paper roll, the method comprising:
a first step in which a tissue web is unrolled from a parent roll;
a second step in which adhesive is sprayed on the tissue web;
a third step in which the tissue web is wound on a winding mandrel to form a log roll; and
a fourth step in which the log roll is cut into round slices to form a plurality of paper rolls,
wherein the second step includes a fifth step in which a first adhesive, which has a bonding strength capable of solidifying the tissue web wound on the winding mandrel and capable of separating a sheet of tissue from the solidified tissue web, is deposited on a portion of the tissue web from which the tissue web starts to be wound on the winding mandrel, the portion including both ends in the width direction of the tissue web and positions at which the log roll is cut in the fourth step, and a sixth step in which a second adhesive having a lower bonding strength than the first adhesive is deposited on portions between the positions where the first adhesive is deposited.