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Child resistant container and method of opening same
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1. A method of opening a child resistant container, the container comprising a body comprising a base, a sidewall extending from the base, and an end portion disposed opposite the base, the end portion defining an opening leading to an interior of the body configured to loosely contain a plurality of products therein, a lid connected to the body via a hinge, the lid comprising a cover portion and a protrusion extending outwardly from one side of the cover portion, the cover portion being configured to move between a FIRST position and a SECOND position; and a directing portion extending from one of the body and the cover portion, the directing portion at least partially enclosing the protrusion when the cover portion is in the FIRST position, the method comprising the steps of:
inserting a tool between the directing portion and the cover portion;
engaging the tool with the protrusion, thereby causing an end of the protrusion to pivot toward the one side of the cover portion; and
moving the cover portion to the SECOND position, thereby opening the container.