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Electric drive controller adaptation to through-the-road (TTR) coupled primary engine and/or operating conditions
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1. A control method for a vehicle having an electric drive axle configured to supplement a primary source of motive torque, the method comprising:
through a primary drivetrain, supplying motive torque generated using a fuel-fed engine;
retrieving, by an electric drive controller of the electric drive axle, and based on a signature of the fuel-fed engine, a first set of brake-specific fuel consumption (BSFC) type data and a second set of BSFC type data that differs from the first set of BSFC type data from a network-connected service platform via a radio frequency data communication interface;
during over-the-road travel, supplying supplemental torque using the electric drive axle, wherein the electric drive controller applies an equivalent consumption minimization strategy (ECMS) using the first set of BSFC type data to characterize efficiency of the fuel-fed engine with which the electric drive axle is paired in a through-the-road (TTR) hybrid configuration; and
adapting the application of the ECMS based on the second set of BSFC type data and thereafter continuing to supply supplemental torque during over-the-road travel using the electric drive axle under control of the electric drive controller with the adapted ECMS applied.