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Electromagnetic windshield wiper system
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1. An electromagnetic wiper system for a windshield of a vehicle, comprising:
a linear actuator that includes a guide rail and an electromagnetic moving block, wherein the guide rail includes a plurality of permanent magnet bars disposed horizontally along a curvature of the windshield of the vehicle, and wherein the electromagnetic moving block includes a plurality of perforations and at least an electromagnetic coil that surrounds the plurality of perforations in the electromagnetic moving block;
a wiper-arrangement including a wiper arm and a wiper blade, wherein at least the wiper arm is coupled to the electromagnetic moving block; and
a control circuitry that controls a linear motion of the electromagnetic moving block through the plurality of permanent magnet bars to steer the wiper arm that is coupled to the electromagnetic moving block, back and forth across a length of the windshield to wipe a defined region of the windshield, wherein the plurality of permanent magnet bars passes through the plurality of perforations surrounded by the electromagnetic coil in the electromagnetic moving block to induce a minimal friction that is less than a defined threshold friction value during the linear motion.