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Method and system for detecting the presence of a human hand on a motor vehicle opening element
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1. A method for detecting the presence of a human hand on an opening element of a motor vehicle using a first ultra-high-frequency transceiver device, installed in said opening element, and a second ultra-high-frequency transceiver device, for the purpose of activating a function of said vehicle, said method comprising:
transmission, by the first ultra-high-frequency transceiver device, of a plurality of detection signals,
reception, by the second ultra-high-frequency transceiver device, of each detection signal of said transmitted plurality of detection signals,
measurement, by the second ultra-high-frequency transceiver device, of the power of each received detection signal,
determination of a power variation profile on the basis of the measured received power values, and
detection of the presence of a human hand on the opening element when the determined profile corresponds to a predetermined reference profile, said predetermined reference profile being characterized by an increase followed by a first decrease in the received power value, characterizing the approach of a human hand, followed by a stagnation and a second decrease in the power value, characterizing contact of a human hand with the opening element of the vehicle.