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Tire object provided with an elastomer layer made of a thermoplastic elastomer in the form of an (A-b-(a-methylstyrene-co-B))n-b-C block copolymer
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1. A pneumatic object provided with an elastomer layer which is gastight to inflation gases, said elastomer layer comprising, as predominant elastomer, a thermoplastic elastomer in the form of a block copolymer which comprises:
(a) an elastomeric block comprising at least units derived from isobutylene, and having a glass transition temperature of less than or equal to −20° C., and
(b) one or more thermoplastic blocks, the one or more thermoplastic blocks each comprising at least one first block consisting of units derived from at least one polymerizable monomer and at least one second block, said at least one second block being a random copolymer consisting of units derived from α-methylstyrene and of units derived from β-pinene,
wherein a content of units derived from β-pinene ranges from 0.5 to 25 mol % relative to the number of moles of units of the block copolymer.