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Optical spacer including controlled located aperture and method of manufacturing the same
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1. A method of manufacturing an optical lens assembly including an optical spacer, the method comprising:
dispensing thermal glue within a mold, the mold being disposed on a substrate top-surface of a mold substrate, and including a plurality of pillars, each of the plurality of pillars having (a) a first surface at a first height above the substrate top-surface, (b) a pillar top-surface at a second height above the substrate top-surface that exceeds the first height, (c) a first width at the first height, and (d) a second width at the second height that is less than the first width;
pressing the thermal glue using an optical spacer substrate to generate the optical spacer including an aperture having an aperture-width determined by the second width;
releasing the mold from the optical spacer;
stacking the optical spacer onto a lens plate including plurality of lenses and a lens plate substrate, the aperture being aligned to one lens, of the plurality of lenses, a diameter of the one lens exceeding the aperture-width;
wherein the step of stacking includes adhering a surface of the optical spacer opposite the optical spacer substrate to the lens plate substrate; and
removing the optical spacer substrate to generate the optical lens assembly.