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Generating three-dimensional objects
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1. A build module comprising:
a housing having a top and a bottom;
a build material chamber in the housing to hold build material, the build material chamber having an opening for build material to be expelled from the build material chamber to a build material distributor;
a build chamber positioned near the top of the housing, the build material chamber being positioned beneath the build chamber in the housing, the build chamber comprising a moveable support member, wherein the build material distributor is to supply successive layers of the build material onto the moveable support member from the build material chamber, the build module being removably insertable into and removably coupled to a build receiver of an additive manufacturing system to allow the additive manufacturing system to solidify a portion of the successive layers received onto the moveable support member during the solidification process of the build material, and wherein the moveable support member separates the build material chamber from the build chamber to block build material from the above the build material chamber from being received into the build material chamber during a solidification process of the build material; and
a first fastener member attached to the housing, wherein the first fastener member is to removably couple to a second fastener member attached to the build receiver of the additive manufacturing system.