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Multilayer plastic bottles with mineral filler and foamed layer for improved recyclability
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1. A method of forming a blow-molded plastic article, including multiple layers, the method comprising:
(a) providing a polymeric material as a multilayer parison, the polymeric material comprising a polyolefin;
(b) conveying the polymeric material in a downstream direction in an extruder;
(c) introducing a mineral filler material comprising: calcium carbonate into the extruder to be mixed with at least a first layer of the multilayer parison of the polymeric material; and
(d) introducing a foaming agent into the extruder to at least a second layer of the multilayer parison to form a mixture of foaming agent and the polymeric material in the second layer; and
(e) subjecting the mixture of foaming agent and polymeric material to blow-molding conditions to form a cellular foamed blow-molded article; and
(f) wherein the cellular blow-molded article comprises:
(i) the first layer that is not cellular foamed comprising: polymeric material and about 8% to 35% by weight of the mineral filler; and
(ii) the second layer different from the first layer, comprising: polymeric material and the foaming agent.