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Assembly for driving waist of robot and robot having the same
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1. An assembly for driving a waist of a humanoid robot to rotate with respect to a chest of the humanoid robot, the assembly comprising:
a support assembly fixed in the chest;
a servo mounted to the support assembly;
a rotating member fixed to the waist and rotatable when driven by the servo; and
a connecting member;
wherein the servo comprises an output shaft coaxially connected to the rotating member via the connecting member;
wherein the connecting member comprises a first shaft, a second shaft and a limiting portion located between and connected to the first shaft and the second shaft, the first shaft is coaxially connected to the output shaft of the servo, the second shaft is coaxially connected to the rotating member, and the support assembly defines a receiving groove having upper and lower sides and configured to receive the limiting portion therein so as to prevent axial movement of the limiting portion.