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Food waste disposer
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1. A food waste disposer, comprising a food conveying section, a grind and discharge section and a motor section used for driving the grind and discharge section to execute a grinding process;
wherein the motor section comprises a universal motor, the universal motor comprises a control device for controlling a rotation speed of the universal motor, and the control device comprises a rectifier bridge circuit module for converting an AC power signal into a DC power signal;
wherein the control device further comprises a controller, a drive circuit, and a rotation speed detector, the rotation speed detector is connected with the controller and configured to transmit a detected rotation speed signal to the controller; the controller is connected with the drive circuit and configured to transmit different control signals to the drive circuit after perform judgment based on the detected rotation speed signal; and the drive circuit is configured to output corresponding power source voltage of different values to the universal motor, varied with the different control signals; and
the rotation speed detector comprises a sensing circuit, and the sensing circuit comprises a magnet ring coaxially configured on a motor shaft of the universal motor and an inductive element that coordinates with the magnet ring for detecting the rotation speed of the universal motor.