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Grinder using induced electric field
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1. A method of dispersing and grinding conductive materials using induced electric fields, the conductive materials comprising carbon nano fibers (CNFs) or carbon nano tubes (CNTs), the method comprising:
rotating a grinding unit of a grinder, the grinding unit having a plurality of protrusions disposed on an outer circumferential surface thereof, the protrusions having a cylindrical spike mill structure in which the grinding unit has a cylindrical shape and the protrusions extend from the outer circumferential surface thereof;
generating the induced electric fields from a power unit disposed in the grinding unit, the induced electric fields attaching the conductive materials to the grinding unit, the conductive materials being given directionality by the induced electric fields, the conductive materials being aligned by the induced electric fields in a direction perpendicular to the grinding unit; and
dispersing and grinding the conductive materials attached to the grinding unit using beads contained within a chamber disposed outside the grinding unit, the conductive materials being ground by being disposed between the protrusions and the beads when the grinding unit rotates.