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Acceleration-primed valving system for centrifugal microfluidics
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1. A microfluidic system for processing biological samples comprising:
a holding chamber adapted for holding a fluid and to be rotated on a platform about a central axis, wherein the holding chamber is dimensioned to have an inner radial wall of radius (R1) and outer radial wall of radius (R2) from the central axis, said holding chamber comprising an outlet through which fluid flow is controlled by an acceleration-primed valve system, wherein the acceleration-primed valve system comprises a capillary valve and an outlet channel, the capillary valve comprising an innermost portion that is radially inward, (R3), of the outermost portion of the holding chamber, (R2), and wherein the capillary valve is primed by a force generated by a tangential acceleration of the platform, wherein the capillary valve is positioned such that upon rotating the platform about the central axis at any speed the capillary valve is innermost to a meniscus of the fluid within the holding chamber when under centrifugal force.