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Remotely controlled tournament steer
Jason P. G. Cady, Morristown, AZ (US)
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1. A remote controlled tournament steer and timing elements comprising:
A) a front frame and a rear frame,
B) said front frame further comprises:
a) front structural elements,
b) a front roping target with horns,
c) a remotely controlled motor connected to two inline wheels,
d) at least one rear idler wheel, and
e) an end timer switch connected to an end time wireless transmitter,
C) said rear frame further comprises;
a) rear structural elements,
b) two roping elements positioned and oriented for roping, and
c) a structural member positioned to activate said end timer switch,
D) said front frame and said rear frame are connected by a hinge having a rotating axis,
E) said rear frame rotates about said rotating axis,
F) wherein said remotely controlled motor is configured to stop when said end timer switch is activated,
G) a remote control configured to activate said remotely controlled motor,
H) a timer controller that is configured to:
a) receive communication from a steer start photo switch,
b) receive communication from said end time wireless transmitter,
c) compute a roping time, and
d) display said roping time.