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Golf club head with interchangeable weight components
Austin L. Frederickson, San Diego, CA (US); and Timothy G. Scott, Encinitas, CA (US)
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1. A golf club head comprising:
a body comprising a sole, a heel side, a toe side, a face portion, a rear side, a pocket, and a channel; and
a weight assembly comprising;
a first weight plate composed of a first material having a first density, the first weight plate comprising a first through opening and a first flange;
a second weight plate composed of a second material having a second density that is different from the first density, the second weight plate comprising a second through opening and a second flange;
a screw comprising a head portion and an threaded extension portion;
a retainer composed of a third material having a third density that is less than the first and second densities, the retainer comprising a retainer body, a shallow recess sized to receive either of the first and second weight plates, a third through opening, and first and second extensions extending from a lower surface of the retainer body; and
a base portion comprising a threaded opening sized to receive the threaded extension portion,
wherein the pocket is sized to receive either of the first and second plates,
wherein the channel comprises a first wall, a second wall, a floor, and at least one rail extending from one of the first wall and the second wall,
wherein the weight assembly is disposed within and movable to any location in the channel,
wherein the base portion and at least one of the retainer, the first plate, and the second plate sandwiches a portion of the at one least rail,
wherein the threaded extension portion of the screw extends through one of the first and second through openings, through the third through opening, and engages the threaded opening, and
wherein tightening the screw reversibly fixes the weight assembly to the at least one rail.