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Exercise device limb interface
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1. A limb interface device for an exercise apparatus comprising:
a handle member mounted within an inner frame member and rotatable about a first axis with a first joint, for gripping with one or two hands by a user, the first joint being limited to 40° or less rotation;
at least one outer support member supporting the inner frame member, the inner frame member being rotatable about a second axis orthogonal to the first axis with a second joint;
an outer arc member supporting the at least one outer support member, the at least one outer support member being rotatable about a third axis orthogonal to the second axis with a third joint; and
an arm member supporting the outer arc member, the outer arc member being rotatable about a fourth axis that is orthogonal to the third axis with a fourth joint, the fourth joint allowing rotation of 180° or less rotation and associated with a centering biasing member interacting with the outer arc member for resiliently biasing the outer arc member towards a centered position when rotated, the arm member also being rotatable about a fifth axis that is longitudinal to the arm member and orthogonal to the fourth axis with a fifth joint, the arm member for extending from the exercise apparatus.