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Fixation mechanism for an implantable lead
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1. A method of preparing a lead for implantation in a patient, the method using:
a lead having a proximal end adapted for coupling to an implantable medical device, and a distal end having a distal tip;
a fixation device having a body with a lumen therethrough and at least one securing mechanism integral with or attached to the body; and
a tool for fixation device placement, the tool having a proximal end with a cavity adapted to receive the distal end of the lead, a distal end sized to fit within at least a portion of the lumen of the fixation device and a medial portion between the tool proximal and distal ends, wherein an outer surface of the fixation device is tapered between the medial portion and the proximal end such that the proximal end has a larger outer diameter than the medial portion;
the method comprising:
placing the distal tip of the lead into the cavity of the tool; and
sliding the fixation device from the medial portion of the tool toward and over the proximal end of the tool and onto the lead;
wherein during the sliding step the inner diameter of the fixation device lumen is expanded by the tapered outer surface of the tool.