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System and method for multi-modal dosing device
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1. A multi-modal product dosing system, characterized by a control base coupled to one of a plurality of different cartridges, at least two cartridges having different modalities of delivery, the control base comprising:
a housing at least partially enclosing:
a cartridge receiver structured and arranged to temporarily engage one of the plurality of different cartridges;
a cartridge reader structured and arranged to read identification information from the engaged cartridge;
a wireless transceiver structured and arranged for wireless communication with at least one remote computing device;
at least one lockout deactivator structured and arranged to disengage at least one lockout mechanism of the engaged cartridge received by the cartridge receiver; and
a controller structured and arranged to:
receive the cartridge identification information from the cartridge reader;
detect a dosing event; and
communicate, by the wireless transceiver, the cartridge identification information and each detected dosing event to the at least one remote computing device;
wherein each of the plurality of different cartridges is characterized by:
a housing at least partially enclosing:
a reservoir of product;
a dispenser structured and arranged to dispense a predetermined amount of product;
a count trigger structured and arranged to indicate each instance of dispensation of the product;
at least one data chip structured and arranged to store data regarding the cartridge;
a unique identifier associated with the cartridge and the product, the unique identifier structured and arranged to be determined by the control base; and
the at least one lockout mechanism structured and arranged to lockout the dispenser, the at least one lockout mechanism disengaged by the control base while the cartridge is temporarily engaged to the control base.