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Phase-stable, sprayable freshening compositions comprising suspended particles
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1. A sprayable product comprising a spray dispenser and a freshening composition disposed in the spray dispenser, the freshening composition comprising:
a plurality of particles comprising a plurality of benefit agent delivery particles having a benefit agent and a wall material encapsulating the benefit agent, wherein the composition comprises from about 0.001% to about 1.0%, by weight of the composition, of the encapsulated benefit agent;
a polysaccharide system comprising a first polysaccharide and a second polysaccharide, wherein the first polysaccharide is xanthan gum, and wherein the second polysaccharide is selected from the group consisting of konjac gum, locust bean gum, and combinations thereof, wherein the xanthan gum has an average ratio of acetylation in the range of about 2.0 to about 0.5; and an aqueous carrier;
wherein the composition has a yield stress of greater than 0 Pa and less than about 1.0 Pa, as measured by the YIELD STRESS AND SPRAY SHEAR VISCOSITY TEST METHOD described herein, wherein the first polysaccharide is present at a level of 40 wt. % to 60 wt. %, by weight of the polysaccharide system; and wherein the total polysaccharide level of the composition is less than about 0.2 wt. % by weight of the composition.