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Emulsions for injectable formulations
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1. A vaccine formulation comprising a water-in-oil emulsion and at least one vaccine antigen, oil, and water, where said emulsion comprises an emulsifier having a general structure (I):
R1.[(AO)n—R2]m  (I)
R1 is the residue of a polyol or polyamine, each said polyol or polyamine having m active hydrogen atoms, where m is an integer of at least 2;
AO is an oxyalkylene group;
each n independently represents an integer in the range from 1 to 100;
each R2 independently represents hydrogen, or an acyl group represented by —C(O)R3 wherein each R3 independently represents a residue of Polyhydroxyalkyl carboxylic acid, polyhydroxyalkenyl carboxylic acid, hydroxyalkyl carboxylic acid, hydroxyalkenyl carboxylic acid, oligomer of hydroxyalkyl carboxylic acid, or oligomer of hydroxyalkenyl carboxylic acid; and
wherein on average at least two R2 groups per molecule are alkanoyl groups as defined.