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Method of preparing Cannabis extracts
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1. A method of preparing a cannabis extract for a shatter product comprising the steps of:
freezing dehydrated cannabis plant material;
placing the frozen plant material into a vessel of a chamber having a vessel and a gasket;
integrating the chamber with a chiller column;
pumping solvent gas into the chamber;
filtering the solvent gas through the gasket and into the vessel of the chamber and through the plant material in the vessel of the chamber;
collecting the filtered solvent gas in a collection vessel;
purifying the filtered plant material by recovering the solvent gas from the collection vessel by means of applying heat to the collection vessel, boiling off the solvent gas and pumping recovered solvent gas back into a gas holding tank;
scraping a filtered plant material cookie from the vessel of the chamber into another collection vessel;
chopping the cookie into a powder;
heating the powder under vacuum pressure between about 70° F. and about 110° F. from about 15 minutes to about 48 hours; and
heating the powder at atmospheric pressure with a heat gun that is passed over the powder to apply heated air from about 160° F. to about 210° F. to the powder until a clear and transparent shatter product results.