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Anti-dandruff compositions comprising a spirofuranone lactam tetramic acid derivative
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1. An anti-dandruff composition comprising an effective amount of:
at least one compound selected from the group consisting of pseurotin A, pseurotin A1, pseurotin A2, pseurotin B, pseurotin C, pseurotin E, pseurotin D, pseurotin F1, pseurotin F2, asaspirenen, and synerazol; and
at least one meroterpene represented by formula (I):

OG Complex Work Unit Drawing
R1 represents hydrogen and R2 represents chlorine, or R1 and R2 together represent a single bond to form an epoxide ring;
R3 represents hydrogen or hydroxyl;
R4 represents a hydroxyl, oxygen, or —OC(O)—[CH═CH—]nR5 group wherein R5 represents a C2-C4 alcohol or diol, a C2-C4 optionally substituted epoxide, or a carboxyl group; and
n represents an integer in the range from 1 to 3.