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Medicament vial assembly
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1. A vial adapter assembly for a closed fluid transfer system, the vial adapter assembly comprising:
a vial adapter, including:
a base defining an inner annular rim and an outer annular rim and a cavity therebetween;
an annular stem extending from the base and defining an opening having a plurality of fingers extending around the opening thereof, wherein each finger defines a proximal recess and a distal recess formed therein;
a cover supported on the outer annular rim, wherein an expansion chamber is defined within the cover and the base;
an adapter support situated within the cavity of the base, the adapter support including:
a male stem extending in a first direction from the base, the male stem selectively connectable to and insertable into an open distal end of a syringe adapter, the male stem defining a lumen extending therethrough;
a seal extending across the lumen of the male stem; and
a spike extending in a second direction from the inner annular rim and into the opening of the annular stem, wherein the spike includes a first lumen being in fluid communication with the lumen of the male stem, and wherein the spike includes a second lumen being in fluid communication with the expansion chamber; and
a bladder extending between the base and the cover; and
a vial collar including:
an annular body configured and dimensioned for sliding receipt within the annular stem of the vial adapter;
at least one tab projecting from an outer surface of the annular body and being configured for selective receipt in distal recess and proximal recess of a respective finger of the vial adapter; and
at least one retainer projecting from an inner surface of the annular body.