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Stented prosthetic heart valve having a wrap and delivery devices
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1. A stented prosthetic heart valve comprising:
a stent frame having a compressed arrangement for delivery within a vasculature and an expanded arrangement for deployment within a native heart valve;
valve leaflets disposed within and secured to the stent frame;
a wrap encircling the stent frame and formed of a flexible material having a first end and a second end; the wrap having a delivery position and a deployed position in which the first end and the second end are positioned closer together as compared to the delivery position; wherein the wrap can be actuated from the delivery position to the deployed position so that the wrap bulges outwardly independently of the arrangement of the stent frame; wherein, in both of the delivery and deployed positions the second end is distal to the first end; and
a tether secured to the wrap; wherein the wrap is configured so that the wrap can be actuated by tensioning the tether; further wherein the tether can be selectively disconnected from the wrap and the stented prosthetic heart valve is configured such that the wrap remains in the deployed position after the tether is disconnected.