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Robotic surgical pedal with integrated foot sensor
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1. A foot pedal assembly for controlling a robotic surgical system, the foot pedal assembly comprising:
a foot pedal base;
a foot pedal that moves relative to the foot pedal base, the foot pedal having a contact surface extending from a distal end to a proximal end of the foot pedal, the contact surface is to come into contact with a foot of a user during use of the foot pedal assembly for controlling the robotic surgical system and the distal end is farther away from a heel of the foot than the proximal end during use of the assembly for controlling the robotic surgical system, and the foot pedal is operable to pivot around an axle coupled to the foot pedal base and positioned closer to the distal end than the proximal end; and
a sensor coupled to the contact surface of the foot pedal at a position that is closer to the proximal end than the distal end and between the proximal end and the axle, the sensor is operable to sense a target object positioned a distance over the contact surface.