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Scoop cannula with deflectable wings
Neil Sasaki, San Jose, CA (US); Hester Chan, Sunnyvale, CA (US); and Mojan Goshayeshgar, Atherton, CA (US)
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1. A kyphoplasty cannula comprising:
a shaft extending between opposite first and second end surfaces, the shaft comprising an inner surface defining a lumen, the shaft comprising a first opening that extends through the first end surface and a second opening that extends through the second end surface;
a scoop comprising a proximal end surface coupled directly to the second end surface and an opposite distal end surface, the scoop comprising an arcuate surface that is continuous with the inner surface, the scoop further comprising a first wing and a second wing, the arcuate surface being positioned between the wings, the wings each having an undulating configuration from the proximal end surface to the distal end surface; and
a balloon catheter comprising an outer tube having opposite proximal and distal end surfaces, the balloon catheter comprising an inner tube positioned within the outer tube, the balloon catheter comprising a balloon having a first end coupled directly to the distal end surface of the outer tube and an opposite second end coupled directly to the inner tube, the balloon being configured to be positioned within the scoop such that a portion of the balloon is capable of extending distal to the distal end surface of the scoop.