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Surgical fastener applying apparatus
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1. A surgical fastener applying apparatus comprising:
an anvil half-section including a distal anvil portion and a proximal handle portion;
a cartridge receiving half-section including a channel member having side walls and a bottom wall, the channel member defining a channel and having a distal portion dimensioned to releasably receive a cartridge and a proximal portion configured to support a firing assembly, the proximal portion of the channel member having an inner wall defining the channel including an inwardly extending protrusion extending from the inner wall into the channel; and
a firing assembly including a firing lever, a cam bar fixedly secured to the firing lever, and a stationary housing supporting the firing lever and the cam bar, the stationary housing being configured to be releasably supported in the proximal portion of the cartridge receiving portion, wherein the stationary housing includes a distal end having an angled extension, the angled extension being received between the bottom wall of the channel member and the inwardly extending protrusion and positioned to engage the inwardly extending protrusion on the inner wall of the channel member to releasably secure the distal end of the firing assembly within the elongated channel member.