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Surgical fastener devices with geometric tubes
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1. A surgical fastening device, comprising:
a handle;
a shaft extending from the handle; and
an end effector supported on the shaft and configured to support at least one fastener, the end effector including:
a tube defining a longitudinal axis and including an outer surface and an inner surface, the inner surface defining a lumen that extends along the longitudinal axis, the tube defining a proximal depression and a plurality of distal depressions, the proximal depression defined by segments having the same longitudinal alignment, the plurality of distal depressions arranged helically about the inner surface of the tube along the longitudinal axis to guide the at least one fastener through the lumen, the tube defining a tube length; and
at least one rib continually extending in a plane substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the tube, the at least one rib extending continually along a length of the tube length, the length of the tube length defined by at least three of the depressions.