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Cannabis drug detection device
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1. A single-device cannabis detection system for detecting THC in a breath of a subject, comprising:
a housing defining the single-device cannabis detection system;
a mouthpiece in fluid communication with the housing for facilitating introduction of the breath into the system by the subject;
a containment trap associated with the housing for removing interfering materials including oral fluids from the breath of the subject;
a non-rebreather valve positioned downstream of the mouthpiece and upstream of the containment trap, the non-rebreather valve in fluid communication with the mouthpiece, the containment trap and ambient air, the non-rebreather valve operative to direct ambient air entering the non-rebreather valve upstream through the mouthpiece without flowing through the containment trap when the subject inhales through the mouthpiece and to direct the breath of the subject downstream to the containment trap when the subject exhales through the mouthpiece; and
a collection component within the housing positioned downstream of the containment trap for sampling components of breath introduced into the system through the containment trap for analysis to determine a presence of THC in the breath.