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Methods and apparatus for electrode placement and tracking
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1. An electrode assembly comprising:
an electrode body;
one or more tubular members extending from the electrode body, each tubular member having a distal tip and a lumen with a distal opening in the distal tip, wherein the distal opening is in a lower surface of the tubular member, and wherein the lower surface has a crescent shape and the distal opening comprises an arcuate gel-delivery channel; and
a reservoir on the electrode body for dispensing a conductive fluid or gel from said reservoir through the one or more lumens and out of the one or more distal openings of the tubular members;
wherein the distal tip of at least some of the tubular members define a skin preparation surface,
wherein the skin preparation surface is on the lower surface of the tubular member adjacent to the distal opening, and
wherein the skin preparation surface comprises at least one of (a) an abrasive and (b) surface features on the distal tip.