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Repository with mechanism for shielding from view an object placed therein
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1. A repository that supports an illusion, comprising:
a. a housing that includes a base, one or more side walls, a rear wall and a door that is movable between an open and a closed position, the housing defining an internal volume;
b. a triggering mechanism associated accessible outside of the housing;
c. a false floor defining a first side and a second side, the false floor being positioned a distance from the base and defining a second internal volume associated with the second side, the false floor being movable between a first position and a second position,
wherein an object placed on the first side of the false floor is moved from the first position to the second position such that the object moves from the first side of the false floor into the second internal volume,
wherein the second internal volume is shielded from view when the door is in the open position;
wherein the repository is a mailbox, and wherein the triggering mechanism includes a flag that is movably mounted with respect to an external surface of the housing; and
wherein the movement of the flag causes the triggering mechanism to activate a programmable controller to actuate a drive component that is in communication with the false floor, the drive component configured to move the false floor between the first and second positions.