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Folding bed
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1. A folding bed, comprising:
a support frame; and
an air mattress arranged on the support frame, the support frame supporting the air mattress,
wherein the support frame comprises:
a supporting body; and
a fixing mechanism comprising an adjusting portion, the adjusting portion comprises:
an adjusting part; and
a second fixing structure comprising:
a second fixing protrusion; and
a fixing groove, and
wherein the second fixing protrusion is arranged on the adjusting part, the fixing groove is arranged on the supporting body, the second fixing protrusion is snapped in the fixing groove to fix the adjusting part with the supporting body, and to enable the adjusting portion to be positioned in a first position, a second position and a third position, respectively,
wherein the third position is a position at which the air mattress is unfolded,
the supporting body comprises a first sub-rod, a second sub-rod and a third sub-rod, and
the adjusting part comprises an adjusting plate and a handle, when the adjusting portion is positioned in the third position, on a plane where the adjusting portion is rotated, a gap is formed between the handle and the first sub-rod or the third sub-rod, and the gap is configured to allow a hand of a user to pass therethrough, so as to hold the handle.